Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Halloween Social Statement

So it started out simple enough- looking at photos of costumes and trying to decide what to be. I saw a photo of a playboy bunny outfit. Then came the usual "fat people can't wear that". Oh yeah? Fucking watch me. 

That's right, last night I attended a Halloween bash in a corset, bra, fishnets and playboy bunny undies then stuck on a tail and some ears. Admittedly I was incredibly nervous once I got to my friend's house. I had no idea who would be there and we all know the fat bashing that can occur around random people- especially drunk random people. Other than one guy's suspicious statement that he hoped I wasn't offended by the fact that he couldn't look at me (was I too awesomely hot or too hideously fat for him to look at me?), I got tons of compliments. Maybe a few people thought my costume was socially unacceptable, but no one said it. I had people saying how great it looked and people even recognizing it as a social statement and commending me for it. Score one for the fatties!

What was I so worried for? The thing is that there are certainly people- a vast number of people, who would have all worts of awful things to say about my costume- the trick is to just not care. Don't we all wish we could do that? Body acceptance isn't easy and there's always going to be that comment that catches you off guard and cuts to the core, but we can, and I certainly am trying, brush off the vast majority of fat hating that comes our way. So what if you don't find it attractive?  I have no obligation to anyone to be attractive to everyone in the world- not only is that completely impossible, but it's simply a double standard. 

To sum up the party itself quickly- it was great. We had murderface, a sex robot, a Victorian zombie, and that guy from that one Dr. Who episode where he has to face the big Satan like thing- you know the guy who gets possessed and has ancient crap scribbled all over his body? Yeah, him. That was the best costume and won him like +10 geek points.

Oh, and this dude- this dude was badass. And I'm totally badass for getting my picture with him.

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