Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dedication to "the" shot

When a photographer goes into a shoot they usually have something in mind- a vision, an artistic representation of an idea, a belief, a statement. There comes a moment in every shoot when you realize that you got that shot- the shot. Well, sometime us models go into a shoot with the same goal. Working with photographers who allow you to be creative and interject your own ideas and hopes into a shoot is really wonderful. Their one shot may be different from your one shot, but if both people come away happy then it was a good shoot.

A few days ago I got the chance to work with a photographer who happily let me run with my own ideas and make suggestions- Michael Lanning Photography. For a creative person sometimes just following orders can be dull, especially when your own head is teeming with ideas. When one photographer contacted me about shooting at a lake house I knew.. I just knew I had to get in the water. So what if it was a few degrees above freezing? The temperature outside of the lake was 58F and the water was so cold that it hurt and made it difficult to breathe, but damnit, I could endure it for the idea in my head (and hey, I went completely numb after a few seconds anyway).

And here is the photo that I so pain painstakingly prepared for:

It took me a while to do all of those crystals and an immense amount of dedication to get into that lake. Why didn't I wait until summer when the water would have been warmer? Because creativity is an impulsive thing. ;-)

And now here are the highlights from the rest of the shoot:


Stay tuned for the lingerie portion of the photoshoot in a separate post! As always, if you're in the NC area and would like to schedule a shoot contact me.


  1. I know I'm way late to the party because I follow your blog on Google Reader, but wow, this photo shoot is amazing, and you are breathtakingly gorgeous!