Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Friend Post

I've been delighted and surprised to find that I've made some fantastic friends since I started modeling locally about a year ago. This is the post for me to bask in the warm fuzziness of it all. Yes I've had plenty of ups and downs, especially with photographers in group settings! But I've never once had a problem with the other models and I couldn't ask to meet a nicer, friendlier, more welcoming bunch of people than I have over the past 13 months. So here are some great friends.

Model Adrienne Rose. Photo by Peggy Brutcher

With model Tona Jean. Photo by Richard Rose

With musician, model, and photographer Lauren Light. Photo by Bill Jeffries

With model and burlesque dancer Foxy Moxy. Photo by Dragon's Lair Photography
With model Terri and her daughter. Photo by William Wyrick (it should go without saying that
you are not allowed to copy or distribute this photo in any way since it contains a minor)

With model and burlesque dancer Simora Cheeks

With model and renn fair enthusiast Scott Spyglass. Photo by Rob Goldsmith

And remember, these are only the friends I've made that I've managed to get photos with! There are so many more friends I've met and more people that I'm looking forward to getting to know better in the future. Aren't friends fantastic? 

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  1. Lovely and gorgeous and brilliant one and all! Thank you for sharing these, I needed a mood lifter.


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