Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Speedlights at Night Workshop

This was an okay workshop. There were too many models and not enough photographers so I ended up sitting on a bench for an hour while other models worked with photographers and no one wanted to grab me up. I tried nosing my way in but no one was having it. The organizer,Chris, did a great job of putting me in the group shoots to make sure I had equal camera time. The first time it worked great (thouh I only got a single photo each from three photographers out of the dozen or so there), the second time the photographers literally ignored me (except for two people) and then shooed me away to bring in another model. Not the best experience. Group shoots are never as good as one on one shoots, of course. But, here are the results- I hope you enjoy them.

Photo by Abhishek Adhikari

Photo by Shawn McEntee

Photo by Shawn McEntee

Photo by Shawn McEntee

Photo by Chad Wilcox

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