Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's not courage if you're not afraid

Courage, according to wikipedia, is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. Since I started my blog I've gotten a lot of attention both good and bad, especially for my nude posts which have helped people and also incited hatred. I've been cyber stalked as has my family including my young child, I've had photos stolen and posted for the purpose of mockery, I've had images photoshopped to show me how I'd look thinner, I've received threats, hate mail, and been made to feel unsafe to say the least. 

When I posted my sets of nude photos I was terrified. I sat there for several minutes with my mouse over the submit button before closing my eyes and hitting it. Even worse was taking that post and sharing it with people I knew as well as strangers. Still, the events that have transpired since then have made me more fearful and more hesitant to post, but that won't stop it. Hence my title- it's not courage if you're not afraid. There has to be a danger, a fear, people to intimidate and threaten, that you're able to stand up to for it to be courageous. It's tempting to let it all get the better of me, but I won't. 

And no, I'm not just talking for nothing, there are indeed photos. By who else but Dan Smith who did my last set of nudes. These were taken in the abandoned building that we visited which was, unfortunately, too exposed to do more. But here's a few and I hope you enjoy. 

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