Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Time. It Has Been Wasted.

I've been to some bad, awkward, or insulting shoots, but one thing I really don't appreciate? My fucking time being wasted. The photographer who contacted me on model mayhem, firstly, didn't send me any contact information such as a phone number in case of emergencies. Then they sent me to the wrong location- the wrong city entirely! So what should have been a ten minute drive turned into twenty minutes to the wrong city, ten minutes of aimless wandering and trying to figure out where I was actually supposed to be (didn't help that I couldn't contact the photographer), then another 30 minutes back to the correct city.

By Art By Ash Photography

Getting there late for a group shoot meant that they had already gone off and started shooting which meant another half an hour of wandering around trying to find them. And this is North Carolina people. In August. Heat index of over a hundred degrees and sweltering humidity. I finally found the group and, seeing I was all dressed up, assumed I was a makeup artist. When I corrected them many of them tried to shoo me off to find another group (it had split off into several groups of photographers by then). They had no idea where the group was but they wanted me to go wander off to who fucking knows where in heels. Hell to the no. So, my reward for sticking with this first group of around 15 or so photographers (with one other model) was to be completely ignored for the next 20 minutes.

At first I waited patiently for them to be done with the first model.. waiting my turn. But when they were done they just picked up and moved to a new location and started shooting her again! So I waited again and they did the same damn thing! At that point I simply walked back to my car and left. I could have been relaxing today after a busy day yesterday.

For those of you who follow my twitter or facebook page and were expecting some awesome badass photos as a result- I'm sorry, but not a single photo of me was produced. I promise to make it up with even more awesomness soon though. </rant>


  1. How bloody unprofessional!

  2. I did write a strongly worded letter to the organizer who apologized for the unprofessional behavior/attitude of the photographers (no apology for sending me to the wrong city? pfft) so at least that's something. They also promised to talk to them about it (not about me specifically but about acting professional when it comes to using models I'm guessing)