Friday, September 9, 2011

PETA: human rights not as important as animal rights

How did I miss this? Possibly because when it came out in October of 2010 I hadn't discovered body acceptance yet. That and the ad was rejected by Southwest Airlines although not for any noble reason. Apparently they sited the ad being too provocative but a swimsuit model is just fine. But the horror of this ad isn't directed at the airline so let's get back to PETA. Their sexist, body shaming, and fat hate ads are well known and this just adds another to the pile, but, in my opinion, it goes a tad further by playing into the intrusive violation of rights that are body scanners.

The ad features an photo of a thin woman, neck down, in just her underwear which reads "be proud of your body scan: go vegan". Did everyone else just facedesk? Yes? Okay good, let's move on. Ignoring the fact that we should be protesting body scans, not being proud of them, we're going back to the same 'ole argument that vegan = thin and thin = good. Not only does thin = good but apparently it's the only thing that matters when it comes to body pride. Couldn't someone still hate their body scan even if they're thin? If they didn't like their hips or their belly button or their breasts? Or what about men? Body scans show quite a bit of detail (and, unlike the ad, they show you naked, not with undies)- enough to make out your junk anyway.

So while you're being completely and utterly violated by the TSA, all the while worrying about whether they'll make you buy an extra seat or give you a hard time, maybe you should remember next time that going vegan makes you look like the girl in the PETA ad.

See how svelte I became?


  1. They piss me right off. All they do is sell sex get their point across. "Go for animal rights. And let's exploit females and their sexuality in every way possible in the process."

  2. PETA are more than happy to treat women like meat, but God forbid if you do that to animals. Talk about hypocritical.

  3. I really hate this! Animal rights is more important than women's human rights. PETA would never get away with this if they did this to black men, jewish men and gay men. Yes I know they have rab racist and anti-Semitic ads but if they did as often as they run sexist ads against women, there would be a huge outrage from these grops. PETA is promoting hatred against women, what did women do to deserve this!