Sunday, September 18, 2011

Raleigh Photographer Workshops

My first experience with this group, wasn't a pleasant one. Still, I figured I'd give it another go since the organizer made sure to post a special message to the group which read:

To all the photographers: The lifeline to the continuances of our group are both our new and veteran members. Our goal is to welcome aboard all those who participate in our events. For every person we shoo away because of our lack of artistic vision and sense of community, we will slowly shoo away the original intent and mission of our group, and that is for us as photographers from the very green beginner to the grizzled veteran to assemble as a collective group to SHARE our enthusiasm and learned knowledge of photography with others. Please, let's be considerate to our models and other photographers.

I appreciate the general nature of the message which refrained from calling me and my experience out specifically. Still, I'm not sure the photographers took it to heart. Of the 14 photographers and 4 models (including myself) that were supposed to be at this shoot only one model (myself) and six photographers showed up. We waited around for almost an hour and then half of the photographers there decided to leave because they "thought there'd be more models". I can't know for sure what they meant, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't the number of models that was the problem. The three photographers who stayed, Mike Hanes, Bing Shens, and Charles Holiday, were great fun to work with. Overall impression of this group, however, is still a poor one. The sheer lack of professionalism with which the majority of the photographers I've met have conducted themselves is disappointing at best.  All of the photographs I received were face shots and no body shots- it's possible that they weren't used to working with a fat model but, guys, for future reference, I didn't get dressed up for nothing. (edit: after I wrote this I did get photos from the third photographer, Charles Holiday who included some body shots so I'm going to include some here!)

The three photographers I did work with were great so on to the photos!


  1. Love love love #3, 6 & 8. You have great legs. :)

  2. Thank you! The funny thing is that until this past summer I absolutely *hated* my legs. I only ever wore long pants (since middle school so about 13 years) with the exception of a single knee length skirt I occasionally wore in high school. It makes me so sad that I've hated and neglected my poor legs for so long.

  3. Not all people who are overweight are that way because they "eat too much". Many have health problems which cause weight gain or make it extremely difficult to lose weight.
    I don't think anyone will argue the health benefits of losing weight if you are obese but that is not the point of this blog. It seems the point of it is to illustrate the absurdity of the fashion industry and more specifically the modeling world.
    In which case, most of the comments thus far have been completely irrelevant.

    I know Heather from on an online community and I don't really like or agree with a lot of things she says and does, but I think this blog is a great thing. And I think it would be nice for the world to open it's eyes to the reality of how the majority of women REALLY are.

  4. Peter- removing your comment was an accident and i can't figure out how to undo it! sorry!

  5. AJ- thanks.. i think? lol. although I'll say that I actually would argue with health benefits of losing weight- if you have a naturally higher set point then going below that can be very damaging and dieting/weight cycling isn't healthy. The healthiest thing to do is to eat healthfully, exercise, and take care of your body regardless of weight. :) Someone can be healthy at 110lbs and someone else can be healthy at 310lbs- it's all about the individual!

  6. was some of my best work too!! (but good on you for removing the other comments)

  7. You're welcome, it was indeed a compliment ;)
    I think what you're doing is brave and beautiful.

  8. It is such a shame that some photographers are so lacking in artistic vision. Your a beautiful model with much to offer. We don't have any groups such as this, that I am aware of, in my area. I wish we did. And if a model such as yourself showed up you would be busy and you WOULD get pictures.


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