Friday, August 24, 2012

Fat Sex is Good Sex

Thanks to several fat activists on facebook a study on fat sex has been making the rounds. The small study finds that women who are comfortable with their bodies have better and more satisfying sex lives while women who are uncomfortable with their bodies have less fulfilling sex lives or abstain altogether.  Are you shocked yet? Anything? No? Me neither. Because hating yourself leads to the best sex said no person ever.

Women in the study who said they had begun to embody fat pride reported finally having the confidence to end negative relationships and "retrain" their partners to satisfy them sexually. "As the women experience less body shame and increased confidence, they also seek out or attract partners who treat them better and truly appreciate them,"

Of course, those who seek to keep us down by force feeding hate down our throats might argue that we shouldn't be having sex anyway. Think about that. Think about the quality of life that these people are trying to force on us. You can't be happy until you're thin and since that's not happening for 95% of people you just can't be happy. The women in this study not only had great sex lives but dared to defy the haters by being happy in general.

So my argument is that even if being fat was unhealthy, even if it took ten years off my life or  more, quality matters more than quantity. As The Doctor said, some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. So if I die at 70 then that's 70 years of happiness and a lot of years of really great sex, friends, family, adventures, and living as opposed to 70 years of being a sad and depressed anxiety filled shut away. I'd rather take the fabulous life thank you.

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  1. Women everywhere are different, but what may be a difference is that (typically) with women here you may speak more openly with each other early on in the relationship and be less hesitant to hold back the 'freakier' things. Not that I think Anal and Toys are freaky, but there are plenty who do. One of the things I like about online meeting is the more candid conversations you tend to have early on that don't happen for a LONG time when all conversations are purely face to face.
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