Monday, July 1, 2013


More beautiful photos from Travis McKeithan. My friend Casey showed me some bellydance moves (you can see Casey on the latest post on The Fat Naked Art Project) and now I just have to take some classes! Which I've been meaning to do for quite a while. It was difficult keeping up. Each individual move seems easy but trying to combine them was definitely not! Casey has been doing bellydance for about ten years and she moved gracefully and seemingly without thought or concentration.. it just came so naturally! So this is my first (but not last!) bellydance shoot. I'll keep you up to date on my classes.


  1. Re bellydancing: DOOOOO EEEEEEET! I've just started belly dancing (tonight will be my fourth lesson) and I am so in love with it. Imagine: an entire dance form created to showcase what was seen as one of the most beautiful, appealing, alluring parts of a woman: her jiggling, undulating abdomen. This dance form was practically invented as a way of displaying us as gorgeous, round, fat, voluptuous, abundant, soft goddesses.

    Doing belly dance is a great way to gain muscle tone, flexibility, strength, and stamina. Some people do find their bodies altering because of it, and some don't, and both are considered absolutely fine and dandy by the entire belly dancing community. We round women are ENCOURAGED to bare our bellies, because admiration of them is pretty much assured: there we are, doing all this amazing movement. People don't even see fat or thin, they see "Dang, that dancer has got skills! Look at those moves!" (Okay, I lied. Some people do see fat or thin. And what they see, they rightly acknowledge to be well worth looking, because EVERY dancer is beautiful just by virtue of dancing.)

    1. :D thanks for the encouragement! I've got some health issues to take care of - specifically chronic tendinitis in my shoulders and chronic fatigue from hypothyroidism. Casey tried to show me snake arms and it hurt like hell (was fun though!). it was just amazing how graceful and fluid she looked! and let's face it, who doesn't like to jingle when they shimmy their hips?? you're also so right about bellydance just being made for people like us! what a beautiful art form and so accepting of all bodies!

  2. wow great photos and such life and freedom in them.

  3. I love these photos of you as a belly dancer. After reading one of your comments above I can understand why you would not be able to do it. My own wife stated taking belly dance lessons because she knew that I loved seeing her fat body jiggling. However because of severe back issues do to arthritis she was not able to continue. Ultimately her situation required surgery because of the severe pain. The pain is gone but she still has some issues.

    We have an art festival here in Grand Rapids Michigan each spring and there is a group of women who do a belly dance routine on stage. Two of the women are built somewhat like you and I try to take in there act each year. These two fat ladies seem to be the most popular of the 6 or 8 women who dance. After the act these two are almost mobbed by photographers wanting to take there photos. Myself included. If you are on Deviant Art I have posted a few photos of them there.

    Again, I say there photos are just beautiful. And I am so sorry that you can not participate in the art yourself.


  4. Wow, you look incredible! I think you're one of the most photogenic people I've ever seen. :O


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