Thursday, September 3, 2015

In Celebration of Cellulite

 I literally woke up like this. These photos are taken in my home, after waking up, hair messy and any makeup just left over from the night before. I originally took these photos for a friend who wanted to paint me. I especially hated the last one... the cellulite! Of course, I sent them anyway and I'm happy to say that the painting is coming along beautifully.

Today, a social media friend, said that she felt like sharing her cellulite after listening to a very thin woman complain about her own and being applauded for being so  brave from other thin women. I don't think I've ever been applauded for loving my cellulite because fat people, generally, don't have that option, that privilege. When we complain about our bodies we hear "then lose weight! fix it!" (by generally I mean outside of the fat acceptance community).

So here are three very honest photos of my body. Cellulite and all.

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