Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Snow

We didn't even know it was supposed to snow today! My husband was getting ready to go pick up trash for an adopt-a-highway project with a local group and a friend informs us it's already started snowing at her place. Sure enough the adopt-a-highway cleanup had to be rescheduled and we soon saw flurries and then large fat snowflakes falling at our place. I couldn't resist going out and taking some shots in the brand new first-time snow! I don't think I've done high contrast shots before but I really like these.

I wanted to talk a bit about the  third photo down. As a body acceptance advocate the first things I had to get used to were things that showed a lot like my arms, my face and my legs. Until recently I've worn nothing but long pants and long skirts since 8th grade. I walked into class on my first day wearing shorts- a girl at the desk behind me looked at my fat legs and shook her head and said "nuh uh!" while making a disgusted face. I never wore anything other than pants after that. Since breaking out of that shell and buying my first short skirt I've gotten more comfortable with my legs but one thing I haven't gotten comfortable with? My belly.

I immediately started getting to the point where I let my husband touch my stomach (which has always been off limits) but as far as showing off in photos? I just couldn't do it. Undressing in front of other people- fine! As long as I didn't see it I was good. Well that's not really acceptance is it? So today, without even really thinking about it, I decided to pose in a way that made my shirt come up on my side. It seems like one more good step in self acceptance.

Happy first snow everyone!



  1. Gorgeous!!!! The snow fairies have blessed you!

  2. Great pics Heather! As always!