Monday, July 4, 2011

The other twitter

One of the trending hash tags on twitter right now is #fatpeoplenightmares. The idea is posting things that fat people are, apparently, terrified of. Such as walking up stairs, fast food places shutting down, having to exercise, or just always being fat. I don't know about you but my worst fear is a zombie attack or if we're talking about things based in reality I'm pretty fracking scared of the type of world that these assholes create. Anyway, if you have a twitter, log on right now and throughout the day and post anti bullying, pro body or pro fat messages and be sure to include #fatpeoplenightmares. We won't be able to balance it out, but hell, it feels good to protest these types of ignorant and hateful messages.


  1. The other thing we can do is use it as evidence. So many people try to tell us we imagine the abuse we are subjected to. This documents it very well.

  2. that's a very good point Kath. Someone did twitter back at me to tell me it was just a joke and didn't actually hurt anyone.. oh, and I was being too sensitive. I twittered back with fat teen suicide statistics. Sure.. doesn't hurt anyone..