Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Someone Thinks You're Beautiful

While on a photoshoot with the Triad Strobists a few weeks ago I was talking to photographer Bonnie Stanley. "You know" she told me, "I think I've figured out my real purpose in being a photographer". I hadn't talked to Bonnie a lot- I figured she was probably too good for me to associate with (yeah I know.. but we all have our insecurities.. that's what this whole blog is about!). She was sitting alone, not photographing anyone as she had already gotten her fill and was waiting for any interested models to come to her (hehe.. make em work for it, right Bonnie?). So I playfully slid in front of her and struck an absolutely ridiculous pose- just for fun. She decided to take a few actual photographs of me which broke the ice for us to start a conversation. So.. what was her real purpose? The driving force behind her beautiful photography? "To show all women how beautiful they are". Wow.. what a beautiful reason to be a photographer. 

It was really great to meet a photographer who was into body acceptance and she told me about a photography project on body acceptance that she's planning (and invited me to participate in), but she told me about another idea she had.. she wanted to make stickers that said "someone thinks you're beautiful" and hand them out to regular people she met throughout the day- bank tellers, cashiers, waitresses.. whoever. A little bit of love and happiness in their day. Nothing is better than random acts of kindness. 

I loved her idea so much that when I got an offer from for some free magnets I decided to go with her idea. I talked to her about it and told her I'd really like for the two of us to try to promote this.. and try to make it a "thing". So what do you think? Let's do this- print stickers, magnets, slips of paper.. anything.. and make someone's day.

Edit: Someone's brought it to my attention that there's a website that already does this! So visit for some stickers and spread the love! 


  1. Fabulous! But there is a site that does this!
    I have donated and used their stickers everywhere! I love it! This is so awesome.

  2. oh wow... fantastic! I'll have to let Bonnie know :-)

  3. That's so cool! What a beautiful message. :)