Monday, February 14, 2011


Warning: nudity and lots of fat.

Another set from my shoot with Dan Smith with a black tulle skirt. When I told Dan that I'd brought a tulle skirt he looked confused for a moment then said "ooooh!", explaining that he thought I'd meant a tool skirt. To me these were some of the most artistic and beautiful of the shoot we did, especially because of the back lighting. I hope you enjoy. To see the rest of the photos from this set, visit my flickr page.


  1. That third picture is just fucking gorgeous. You're so beautiful, Heather! <3 kara

  2. Third picture... absolutely amazing... and it's SO erotic. Yes, I think erotic describes it. Heather, I have to repeat what Rudy said above.. you are SO beautiful... every inch of you.

  3. I agree with Wally. This is also my favorite image. But, oh my, your ahhh stretch marks are showing.

    You should know by now I am kidding you. I love this photo mainly because of those stretch marks and the fact you were brave enough to let them show.