Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back in Time

To get into character for this shoot I thought of the persecution and oppression of women during the renaissance. From the 13th to 17th centuries torture became a part of the judicial system in Europe and some tortures were reserved specifically for women. Women were not allowed to speak out against oppression, read, or think for themselves lest they be accused of a crime, tortured, and executed. For this shoot I imagined that I was on the run from my patriarchal oppressors, using secretly gained skills of tracking and stealth. Sadly, were this truly the 17th century I likely would have been caught and killed.

Luckily today I can stand for women's rights without the fear of death or dismemberment. So enjoy the highlights from this shoot by Okeeze Artography. The shoot was incredibly fun and the photographer very easy to work with. We managed to get into a little trouble with the mud and the snow and water which made it all the better. Check our my flickr for more from this set and email me if you'd like to schedule a shoot.

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