Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There- fixed it

Muahahaha! Okay.. maybe an evil cackle isn't called for but at least a giggle is. I've fixed this GAP add:

Masquerading thin straight bodied models as curvy? Come on.. this is just insulting! While you can certainly be thin and curvy- this aint it. Here's my version:

Yeah, I'm not great with Photoshop (actually I don't have photoshop- i use the gimp) but I think I managed it okay. I just cut out a photo from my shoot with Mike Williams and added myself right in! (more work than it looks like..). Anyone else want to be put in?


  1. Are you kdding me? they're trying to pass her off as curvy? surely you jest. I like your version much better. talk about photoshopped, tho...that girl cannot be those proportions...those legs are almost three times the length of her body (by quick visual measurement). I agree...insulting. To my intelligence, among other things. Is there a realistic avenue through which to complain about such ridiculous representations?

  2. While I think this is adorable - and you are too! - I do not think that Gap is trying to say that SHE is curvy... I think they're advertising a "style" of clothing, probably her pants. It's just a name.. and sometimes I think people give too much power to words.

    That said, I'm actually about the same size as you, if less adorable, but yeah. lol.

  3. radiant- yeah, i saw some other people say the same. according to gap the pants are supposed to "hug your curves" so even if it's the pants that are "curvy" and not the model, it's poor advertising and still insulting.. what curves are those pants hugging on that model exactly?

    peter- i thought her legs looked too long too but wondered if it was the angle of the camera and the fact that the photo of the sign was taken from the ground up? as far as complaints you could probably go to the gap website and email them.

  4. That's odd. That's faaar from curvy!

    Yeah, I want to be put in there, too! \m/

  5. lornadahl- if you email me a full bodied photo of yourself I'll put you in and email it back to you :-)

  6. Lol impressive Photoshop work! I like it. :)