Thursday, January 20, 2011


Warning- some nudity. (omgitsnipplesyouhussy!) Let's see if this came out the way I hoped- i was hoping to give a sense of breaking and fragility mixed with some sexuality and innocence. Obviously post processing included crack brushes and textures. 

I remember a time when a teddy bear could fix it all.

Forget the whispers, the tiny voice in your head that always tells you whatever you're lacking. Pose and smile and pretend it's okay. 

You've cracked my armor- the one I built so carefully. Your cruelty still got through. 

My Heart Breaks: It broke on the inside but the pain, unable to contain itself, began breaking the outside too. 


  1. I think they're all great photos, but in terms of your brief ("breaking and fragility mixed with some sexuality and innocence") the teddy bear shot says it all for me.

  2. Oh my goodness. How absolutely beautiful.