Friday, January 21, 2011

The Way You Shop twittered their Fashion Friday post and, thanks to the fact that they require their featured fatshionistas to include where they got their items, I found a great new place to shop! They don't go as high in sizes as I'd like- not because they don't have my size, they do, but because that's no excuse not to think of others and fight for their rights as well- and the clothing industry is definitely one place we need more recognition and rights. While this particular website claims they go up to a 5X (size 30) they don't actually have anything in stock over a 3X (size 22).

So I'm browsing through the dresses especially and noticed that my thought process was a bit different than I'm used to. As fatties we're trained to pretty much hide everything about ourselves that we, or society (mostly society), don't like. For me that means trying to make my bust look bigger and my stomach look smaller. You know how they say that when you start dreaming in another language that you've fully embraced it? (usually used when someone is learning a new language). Well, I think we can recognize changes in thought patterns and pat ourselves on the back (and each other on the back) for embracing body acceptance more (maybe not fully, but you know..). Instead of looking at this dress and thinking "oh, no.. that would show my stomach too much.. oh well", I thought "oh hey, this'll hug my hips and stomach.. right on!".

This has been hugely helped by seeing so many other fat acceptance bloggers and just participants and activists wearing great clothing and seeing fat arms, fat legs, fat stomachs.. and still seeing that they looked absolutely fabulous and gorgeous and sexy and everything else. Once you see how other fat women and men aren't ashamed and look amazing you start feeling like you can do and be the same. So I want to give out a giant thank you to all of the fatshionistas out there who pave the way for people like me. And to all of my readers, I hope I can do the same for you- rock your style!

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