Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Body Revolution Project

Welcome to the second post of the Body Revolution Project. I started this project by posting photos of myself in a sudden surge of photo activism when I realized I wasn't as comfortable with my body as I wanted to be. Body acceptance is an ongoing struggle and one which I must push the limits of every single day. After that first post, I decided that I should get other people involved.. so for this project I'm going to deviate away from photos of myself and talk about my own experiences to bring you photos and experiences from others. I've asked my friends from all over the internet to send me photos of themselves with a message of body acceptance. Hopefully this will be an ongoing project and I hope to make a new post every month or so. If I get enough people participating it may even get it's own website so stay tuned. You can see the first post here. And now, I present to you, The Body Revolution Project.

 Bask in your own glory

Love that which moves you

"Sagging and freckled and scarred, this is the fate of gravity over cleavage" Love them for how they change with you through the years

Love every part of you. 

This body nurtured and gave life to another
(photo by Heather Kolaya)

If you have submitted a photo and don't see it here it will be in a future post. If you would like to submit a photo simply email a photo of yourself or a link to a photo of yourself to You may take a photo of your body in whole or in part (just no below the belt private parts please) and I will convert it to black and white and crop/adjust light for artistic effect. You can choose to write a body positive message on yourself, or not, but we'd love it if you did. :-) All of the photos here are taken by the participants unless otherwise noted. I will be doing my own part to help by taking photos of volunteers myself. If you live in Eastern NC and would like me to photograph you, email me and let me know.


  1. Okay...can we draw the line at loving our feet?

  2. no peter! no we cannot! :P our feet take us everywhere we need to go- they bear the burden of our weight and allow us to walk, run, dance, and jump. There's no reason to hate any part of our body.. at worst it's just there, but every part is vital and every part is worth loving ^_^ and if someone has insecurity issues because of their feet (in this case the person hated them for their size) then I want to tell them that it's perfectly okay to love their feet just the way they are!

  3. Okay...I will take another look at my feet ;)

  4. I came to the realization a few years back that we are stuck with what we are given for the most part. Why mourn it when we can celebrate? We are who we are and that is amazing. The diversity of the human body should not be shunned because of what society tells us is perfect. I love my body. I weigh 270lbs and i love my body. I wear a bikini. I celebrate my size and my individuality. I wish more people could do the same. This is why i share my body, so that others who have issues with their bodies might see that they do have something to be proud of if i can celebrate what i have. My photo is displayed above, and i am proud for it to be there. =) Thank you for spreading this apparent alien idea of loving yourself.

  5. that's awesome chainmart! I plan on getting a bikini next summer :D screw what anyone thinks- i've always thought they were cute! And thank you so much for participating in my project!