Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Yay Scale

So remember when I ranted about that awful Special K commercial? The one that insisted you have to lose weight to have pride in yourself? Well not only have I found out that other body acceptance activists have ranted against the exact same problem, but apparently the scale they use for the commercial was ripped off of an actual body positivity movement which used the same idea- called the yay scale. I happened across a website called About Face, a body positivity group based out of San fransisco, CA (I swear some day I'm moving there!) to see that the scale that tells you good things about yourself instead of your weight (which only counts if you're thin, right?) was an idea stolen from Marilyn Wann, fat activist and author. Have a look at the original:

And look- you can have pride, be rockin, cool, or anything else regardless of your weight.. unlike the commercial for Special K which lets you know you should live in shame until you lose those extra pounds. More so, according to Jezebel, the Special K diet from their website? Of course it's just another starvation diet- topping out at around 830 calories a day. While you can eat as many fruits and veggies as you like, Jezebel points out that to get a decent amount of calories the average woman would have to consume 10-12 bananas (chosen because they have a lot of calories.. for a fruit anyway). Think you can get those kinds of calories from veggies when a tomato has about 10 calories? I don't think so.


  1. Thanks TONS for blogging about the copycat cereal offenders!

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  2. *squee* yes! I've had people asking if they could actually get one!