Friday, January 9, 2015

Dear Trolls: You're Kind of Boring

I joined the fatosphere in 2010, just over four years ago now. I remember that when I first started becoming involved in the Fat Acceptance movement, there were plenty of trolls. There was concern trolling, and threats, and ignorance, and bigotry, and hate. Everything riled me up and understandably so. But four years later and the arguments and the baiting and the trolling have gotten old. And by that, I mean that it bores me. I no longer feel the need to correct someone to take precious time out of my day to educate someone who doesn't actually want to be educated to begin with. I yawn and move on.

I've heard all of your arguments a thousand times by now. It's not new or creative or inventive. It may just be me because I see other people in the FA community get plenty mad about this, that, or the other. And sure, I'll go to town on a friend who says or does something fatphobic because they should damn well know better and, if they're my friend, I know they're open to learning. Sometimes I even still argue with people on the internet, but for the most part? I get way more excited over a plus size clothing swap, a body positive meetup, photographing some rad fatty. The positive things are so much more exciting to me now than the negatives.

Desensitization happens to pretty much everyone in every genre of being. We've all heard about being desensitized to violence, but that's only one way. You can become desensitized to pretty much anything that you deal with constantly. Women often become desensitized to street harassment, for example. It's just a regular, boring, part of our day. So that's me, I'm desensitized to fatphobia. When I first learned what it was and how it affected me, I felt like I needed to change everything and I had to do it right now.

Ah, young blood.

So, dear trolls and haters, please keep in mind that your vitriol no longer does anything for me nor to me. It's boring and tiresome and I usually don't even bother finishing a message from you. I mean, feel free to keep the ignorance and bigotry flowing as I'm sure you will, but it's not affecting me or my day. Waste all the time on me that you want though.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I wanted to share with you my New Year's Eve dress. It's a Cherry Velvet dress obtained through Gwynnie Bee (which is the bee's knees). I hope every single one of you has a better year that the one we just left behind (whether that year was crap or wonderful) and I wish you all progress in your body acceptance journey.

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