Essential Book List

The following is a list of books about, or which include, fat liberation and feminism. This is not, by any stretch, all books on the topic, just the ones I've personally read. I do not receive any form of payment when you all buy these books... they're just really good books!

The Body is Not an Apology; The Power of Radical Self Love By Sonya Renee Taylor

Fat!So? By Marilyn Wann

Lessons From The Fat-O-Sphere By Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby

Fat Girl Finishing School (book of fat poetry) By Rachel Wiley

The Diet Myth/The Obesity Myth  by Paul Campos

Fat: The Owner's Manual by Ragen Chastain

Body Respect by Linda Bacon PhD and Lucy Aphramor PhD RD

Feminist Theory: From Margin To Center by Bell Hooks

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