Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fat Fitness

I'm so excited to have worked with Paul Cory on this great fitness photoshoot and very thankful to the owner of my gym who let us use the facility and machines. Yes, this is my actual gym. I'm even wearing my ratty old tennis shoes. These are also some of my actual workout clothes. In other words, I didn't just pretend to workout to get cool pictures. I enjoy working out. Curves alternates between resistance machines and bounce pads for in place running, although you can skip the jogging and do double on the machines if you want to. They also do zumba which is awesome if you haven't tried it or heard of it. Remember that Health at Every Size says to find an exercise that you love and do it as often as you want! You don't have to go to a gym and workout on machines, but find something that's fun and you can be passionate about.








  1. I love these photos, Heather! You look gorgeous. It is so rare to see fat bodies shown enjoying movement. In my experience, fat bodies do enjoy moving all the time, it's just so rarely photographed and exhibited!

    Also, I love that your top matches your hair in the first set. ;)

  2. thanks Bethany! You are so right! The only time you see fat bodies moving it's done comically or for weight loss purposes... screw that! I like doing this for me and only for me and it has nothing to do with weight. Hoping to have a yoga shoot done soon as well!

  3. I love these pictures! Very very pretty.

  4. I love this photo set of you. (I personally love your focus while you're performing an exercise comes across in the image, and aesthetically, how your hair matches the pink sports bra) ;)

    I prefer not to workout in a t-shirt because I sweat too much and I find that excess fabric is too cumbersome during exercise.

    The other thing I love about these photos is your form and technique: your back is straight when it needs to be, your knees are bent, supporting your spine, your eyes are ahead, your chin is neutral. You could be in a poster for How To's in these exercises.

  5. Superb.It only leads the viewer to wish for more.Say free weights or martial arts/combat sports, appropriately attired in your most tasteful [and TASTY, may I add] manner with the addition of activity specific accessories. You with a bright red pair of Everlast boxing gloves and the obligatory headgear most prominently spring to mind.Inspiring!


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